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What is e-filing?
E-filing (electronic filing) is the process of electronically transmitting tax return information to the IRS, instead of sending in a paper tax return. The IRS encourages e-filing because it is more accurate than mailing a paper return. Taxpayers also receive the benefit of a faster refund by e-filing.

How much does it cost to use TaxHawk?
Open an account and try our website for free. Our federal tax return is FREE. State tax preparation is an additional $14.99 and is only paid when you're ready to either print your tax return or e-file it with the IRS. Prior year state tax preparation costs only $14.99.

Is all my personal information secure and private?
We use secure servers with SSL encryption to securely transmit your information. Your personal information is completely confidential and will only be used to file your tax return.

When will I receive my refund?
If you choose to direct deposit your refund, you'll typically receive your refund in 7 to 14 days. If you do not choose to use direct deposit or if your direct deposit information is inaccurate, you'll typically receive your refund check within three weeks. If you mail in your income tax return, instead of e-filing, you'll typically receive your refund in six weeks or longer.

Can I work on my tax return from both my work and home computers?
Yes. You can start your tax return at work and then go home to finish it using a different computer. It doesn't matter which computer you use as long as the computer meets our website's minimum system requirements (Internet Explorer 7.0 and later, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari).

Do I have to finish my tax return all at once?
No. You can come back and work on your tax return as many times as you want. Just remember the password to get back into your account.

Can I file my state return using TaxHawk?
Yes. All state returns are supported. To prepare your state return only costs $14.99. E-filing and printing your return is always free. Our state return fee is far lower than many of our competitors who charge $30 or more for a state return. Check for your State Availability. Prior year state tax preparation costs only $14.99.

If I owe tax to the IRS, do I have to pay when I e-file my tax return?
No. You can send in the payment at a later date. However, you need to be aware that there are penalties and interest if you pay past the April 15th deadline.
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What forms will I mail to the IRS?
E-filing is usually paperless with nothing to mail to the IRS. If you do need to mail anything to the IRS or to your state, instructions will be provided for you on the Check Status / Print Tax Return page of your account after you finish your tax return. You should print a copy of your tax return for your own records and keep your W-2s and other tax records in a safe place for at least 3 years after you file your tax return.

How will I know if the IRS has accepted my tax return after I have e-filed?
You'll receive email updates on the status of your tax return. Also, you can sign in to your account, after a day or two, to verify that the IRS has accepted your electronically filed income tax return.

What happens if the IRS rejects my tax return?
You'll receive an email giving the reason why the tax return was rejected. Usually it's something easy to fix such as a misspelled name or a mistyped Social Security number. Sign in to your account and fix any incorrect or missing information, then e-file your tax return again with the IRS. TaxHawk does not charge additional fees to re-transmit your tax return to the IRS after the original e-filing was rejected.


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