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How do I know how much Economic Impact Payment (EIP) I received in 2021?

If you received an EIP in 2021 there are a couple of ways you can figure out how much you received:

  • Refer to Letter 6475 that the IRS should have sent in early 2022. Entering the amount from Letter 6475 is the best way to avoid refund delays. If you're married and filing a joint return, make sure to enter the amount from both your letter and your spouse's letter if you both received one.
  • Refer to Notice 1444-C that you should have received in the mail after the payment was made. If you're married and filed jointly in 2020, Notice 1444-C will show the total amount of each payment. If you file separate 2021 returns, enter half of the amount of the payment shown on Notice 1444-C.
  • Look at your bank statement (note this may not include the full amount if there were offsets for past-due child support).
  • Go to the IRS website and click Sign in to your Online Account.
If the original EIP you received was based off your 2019 tax return make sure to include any plus-up payments you received after the IRS processed your 2020 tax return. Notice 1444-C will include any plus-up payments made.

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