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Rhode Island Extension

Any extension of time you receive for filing your individual income tax return doesn't extend the due date for any payment of tax due on your return.

In General -

  1. If you're required to file a Rhode Island income tax return, you're allowed an automatic extension of time to file your return by October 15, 2021.
  2. You must prepare an application in duplicate on Form RI-4868 .
  3. You must file the original of the application with the Rhode Island Division of Taxation on or before the income tax return due date.
  4. The application for extension must show the full amount properly estimated as tax for the taxable year, and you must pay the full estimated amount due with the application for extension.
Note: For tax returns due May 17, 2021, the extension of time to file will be until October 15, 2021. Any tax due must be paid by May 17, 2021

If you're not required to make any payment with your Rhode Island extension form and you're filing a federal extension form for the same period of time, you don't need to submit the Rhode Island form. Attach a copy of Federal Form 4868 or the electronic acknowledgement you receive from the IRS to your Rhode Island individual income tax return when you submit it.

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