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How do I file a Kansas Extension?

If you expect a Kansas refund this year, you don't have to file a Kansas Extension. If you expect to owe taxes to the Kansas Department of Revenue, you do need to file an extension.

If you file a Federal Extension, you will automatically receive a Kansas Extension. However, neither the Federal Extension nor the Kansas Extension extends the deadline to pay any tax due. If you owe taxes and file an extension, you're still required to make the payment to the Kansas Department of Revenue.

To pay the Kansas tax balance due for an extension, you can do one of the following:

  • Make a credit card payment online with Official Payments. .
  • Use the Kansas Payment Voucher (K-40V ) and mail a check. Check the box on the K-40V  indicating an extension payment.
If you do not pay the tax due (may be estimated) by the original due date, you'll owe interest and a penalty on any balance due.

Example: Amber is running out of time to file her tax return and wants to file an extension. She thinks she might owe taxes to Kansas this year, but she doesn't know how much she should pay with her extension. She learned that filing an extension does not extend the payment deadline, so she needs to estimate the amount she owes and make a payment to Kansas. She uses TaxHawk as a tool to estimate her tax due. She enters as much information as she knows into TaxHawk without e-filing or finalizing her return and sees that she owes an estimated $100 to Kansas. She goes back to the extension section of TaxHawk, and files her federal extension. Her Kansas extension is automatic with her federal extension. Amber then uses Official Payments.  to make payment of $100 to the Kansas Department of Revenue.

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